Friday, 10 February 2012

Logic Model For 'NStep Eat Walk Live elementary school program.

For this assignment we were asked to complete a logic model for the program we will evaluate.  I found it interesting to complete the logic model being an outsider, and I wonder if it would be much different if it were completed by the program co-ordinators.
The model that I used did not include a section for inputs, but I think they are important to note.  The Inputs for this program include 'NStep staff, volunteers from university nursing and kinesiology programs, funds from corporate sponsors and teacher volunteer time.
Here is my logic model.

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  1. A clear and easy to follow graphic that shows me how the program functions. What you are missing is a paragraph that explains the elements you have included and addresses the external factors that influence the delivery of the program. These aspects are helpful in understanding what might impact the success of the program.